AIM Technology Series of “Manifold & Change-Over System” have been designed to provide reliable uninterrupted supply of medical gases to pipeline network of health care units. The system is also “NFPA 99 Type I” facility compliant.
The System consists of:
1. Two Manifold Headers (Left Bank & Right Bank of cylinders) with option of Special header configurations available upon request. (U- shaped, L - shaped, etc. where dimensional sketch of installation required).
2. Option of gas specific Copper pigtail or SS braided high pressure flexible Tail Pipe (ISO 21969:2009) for connecting compressed gas cylinders to Manifold through HP non-return valve to form a gas bank.
3. Change-over unit with choice of Automatic or Semi-automatic bank switching facility.
4. Relief valve to bleed pressure build-up in excess of 5.5 bar (78 psi) for safety